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Winterize your home

Its more important than you think...

Are you ready for winter?

Winterizing your home is very important and sometimes simple tasks can often be overlooked and end up in high repair bills. If you are not sure what to do hiring a professional is the way to go. A little expense now can save you lots of $$.

A Great Article on How to Winterize and the Importance of Winterizing Your Modular Home.

A simple tube of silicone caulk may be your best investment this heating season. Polyurethane caulking is a good all-around choice for sealing your manufactured home from drafts and leaks. Places to be caulked outside the home include: gutter and downspout seams, plumbing and furnace vent pipes, around flashing seams between roof and siding, around door and window frames, along siding joints, around the dryer vent, at the TV antenna wire entrance and at pipe feed-throughs.

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If you have any specific questions regarding winterizing your home, please feel free to contact us!

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